Last blog list the data understanding and data cleaning part. In this blog, I will go deep into Beauty Inc.’s lip category.

Since we don’t know how many kinds of lip products are in the lip category, we need to narrow down the “Category” column and find any strings contain “Lip”.

I created a sub-df which only contains lip category products.

The next step, I grouped by the year/quarter and calculated each sum .

In this article, I will discuss some basic concepts of a convolutional neural network and how to properly tune a model.

by José Alberto Benítez-Andrades from Research Gate

What is Convolutional Neural Network and how does it work?

Convolutional Neural Network, also called CNN, is a type of deep learning model that frequently applied in image classification. …

Hum…this blog post will walk through the process of analyzing multiple movie datasets and share the feeling of my first data science project.

  • “Will this project be hard for a starter?”
  • “Nah, don’t be nervous.”

Data Understanding

Before starting this project, it will become easier when you get a clear idea of…

Jonna Wang

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