My Journey to Data Science

Learning is a lifelong process, it’s never too late to learn.

I have a passion for learning new things. It can be organizing home. It can be learning a new language. It can be playing popular games. And a lot. When you learn a new skill and master it, feel proud of yourself, right?

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When I was in high school, my favorite subject was chemistry. So I decided to study chemical engineering in the next four years. You may ask why not choose a chemistry major. To be honest, I thought chemical engineers can earn more than chemists. After graduating with a four-year degree. I decided to pursue a master's degree. Because I want to prove that I am capable to design systematic experiments and complete thesis defense to acquire a master’s degree. Of course, I actually did it!

Life is unexpected. After graduation, I had a hard time finding a major-related job during the pandemic. I questioned myself. Why I can’t find a job. Did I choose the right major? What can I do for now? What if there is no pandemic, will I have a job? If I have a job, what will I do in the next five years or the next ten years? I tried to figure out. But the first thing I need to figure about is what should I do for now?

2020 isn’t that bad. Hey, 5G is there! We have entered a new decade!

From Qualcomm

Let’s first talked about what 4G brought to our life. Live video, short-video, various food, taxi app, Apple Pay, etc, are all the products of 4G era. Those features provided entertainment and convenience to enhance our life quality. With the 5G coming, I think there will be more new features of products. Some people may think that 5G just enhances the speed of the internet. But I think 5G not only brings up the speed but also provides new opportunities for different kinds of fields.

For example, under the current 4G environment, there is a 50ms delay for data to transfer from a transmitter to a receiver. Millisecond? Sounds like don’t have too much impact since 1s = 1000ms. What if you are using autonomous-driving with high speed. Suppose you are driving at 100km/h (around 65mph) which equals to 28m/s. And the autonomous system determines to stop the vehicle for some situation. There is a 50ms delay, which means you will drive an additional 1.4m until it actually receives the data to hit the brake. Distance determines safety. To reduce the unsafe factor, the network delay should be reduced to less than 10ms or even less. 4G can’t do it. But 5G can! Because 5G has a latency less than 1ms!

5G will enable more businesses to collect and analyze a large amount of data from various devices like cameras, drones, sensors, and more. Relied on speed and performance, 5G will accelerate technological development. 5G can power big data, data analytics, cloud computing, cybersecurity, AI, and more.

When you watch a science fiction movie, you probably have noticed that some characters may use advanced technology like a holographic projection. This will never only be in science fiction. It will be achieved in the next few years with the development of 5G. Various virtual and reality products can be combined to generate new products.

The connection between people, between things, between people and things, will all affected. 4G changed life. 5G will change society. 5G will be a technological revolution across the era.

Photo by Martin Shreder on Unsplash

Oh, it looks like everything is based on data! But I am new to data. Now, it’s time to learn about data science!

I did some comparisons on the internet to select the best Bootcamp to fit me. Finally, I decided to choose Flatiron part-time online course. Unlike other Bootcamps, Flatiron provides a clear tuition fee on its web-page and a reasonable payment plan. For students with financial difficulty, Flatiron also provides third-party loan options. Female students are encouraged to apply for the scholarship for pursuing an education. A money-back guarantee for not receiving a job offer after 180 days. Sounds great!

I am not trying to convince everyone to agree with my thoughts, just express some of my ideas. But it’s never too late to accept new things and learn something new.